Our Stories

Welcome to the Million Tree Challenge news and partner stories! The Million Tree Challenge (MTC) is lucky to have support from a diverse array of businesses, organizations and institutions in London. We love to showcase and acknowledge our amazing MTC partners on a regular basis and we hope you enjoy reading about their accomplishments greening up the Forest City!

Each partner, no matter how big or how small, makes a difference through their commitment to supporting the Million Tree Challenge in ways that work for them. It is important that a partner's actions align with their goals, culture and resources, so this is truly a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Learning about how the Million Tree Challenge is progressing and what others are doing to help get more trees planted for a greener future, helps illustrate the impact that is possible. We hope these stories will spark ideas of the kinds of actions you can take to make a difference. Thank you MTC partners for every action you take towards reaching our community's goal of a million new trees planted in London. Happy reading!