CARFAX in Canada Makes London Greener

On a warm, sunny morning in June, forty-one eager volunteers from CARFAX in Canada arrived at Meadowgate Park to plant 146 native trees and shrubs that they generously sponsored.

For many, it was their first time planting a tree and they took to it quickly and efficiently all the while having fun. The weather, combined with the beautiful location and the lively volunteers made it a most enjoyable planting event. 

“Together with our enthusiastic volunteers from CARFAX, we were able to plant all 146 trees and shrubs in just under two hours,” said Lily Vuong, ReForest London’s Project Manager. “Some species that were planted along the pathway include hackberry, white pine, sycamore, tulip tree, grey dogwood, and smooth rose.”

“The event was great for team building and getting outside while being able to support a passionate non-profit organization in the community,” said Sarah Lave, a CARFAX employee and tree planting volunteer. “I look forward to planting more trees with CARFAX in the future and even learned a thing or two about how to properly mulch my freshly planted trees at home.”

We can't wait to see these plants progress over the years as they start to establish and grow in with some of the existing plants at the park. Many of the trees and shrubs we see today at Meadowgate were also planted by volunteers over the past 10 years. It has truly turned into a well-loved site admired by the community as so many hands have been involved.

Thank you CARFAX in Canada for your support of a greener London for everyone! ReForest London staff we impressed with the teamwork, positive attitude, and excellent planting skills the CARFAX volunteers brought to this event, and we look forward to planting trees with them again.