The Make it Happen Project

Million Tree Challenge Partners, The Make it Happen Project run by Coach and Founder Sarah Cousins, has been a Supporting MTC Sponsor through their commitment to being a monthly donor. 

“I have always felt called to help people create and nurture their connection to the natural world,” Sarah Cousins said. “In my business and in my life, I advocate for good care of ourselves, our neighbours and of our planet, and I believe the harmony of those things to be a cornerstone of good health. As people, we most fiercely protect the things we feel most connected to. My support of the Million Tree Challenge is an important avenue for me to demonstrate that that connection to our nature world can begin in our own backyards."

Although it can be difficult for small businesses to be ongoing sponsors, Sarah has found a practical way to support London’s Million Tree Challenge. “My monthly support of ReForest London is important to me,” said Sarah, “I believe in spending locally, and so there’s a great sense of fulfillment in knowing that my sponsorship dollars are supporting a community initiative that aligns so well with my own advocacy for greener neighbourhoods, right here at home.”

When asked what she would tell other small businesses who are looking for a way to give back to their community to help the environment, Sarah responded with this thoughtful viewpoint:

“While we continue to push our global leaders to do more, there are meaningful ways that you can have an impact on the environment, right now. Organizations like ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge have platforms with voice.

Supporting this voice fosters deeper conversations about climate action in our own neighbourhoods, and fuels collaboration between local leaders, businesses, and residents.

Besides the massive and obvious benefit of actually putting trees into the ground, supporting initiatives related to re-naturalization of urban areas is an important way for your business to take a stance of leadership on an issue that impacts the quality of life for all of us. Vote for environmental justice with your words, your actions, and your dollars.”

"Although I deeply admire the Eastern Pine forests of Ontario, my fave gal Dorothy (featured in the photo above) is a silver maple, and as a loyal companion to me for 10 years, she’s the tree I will always feel most connected to. Her branches reach over my home, her roots fill most of my backyard space, and there’s this sense of nestled comfort that comes with that. I’m often lost in wonder of who else may have sat and dreamed under her in the years before I was lucky enough to share her space."

The Make it Happen Project is all about movement and Sarah has been a fitness coach for 15 years. During the pandemic, she transitioned her business to an online platform at the beginning of COVID and she has since helped people feel empowered through fitness from the comfort of the own homes. She runs a series of virtual workout classes that range from beginner-level fitness to high-intensity sessions that continue to challenge even her most experienced clients. “You can find us outdoors for workouts through the summer as well,” Sarah said, “and I’d encourage folks to head to the website to get a feel for what we’re all about. If you’ve got a goal of feeling better, I have the tools to help you start. Your first class is on me, and my virtual door is always open - reach out with your questions or to say hello.”

Thank you Sarah at The Make it Happen Project we could not have said it better and thank you for your ongoing MTC Supporting sponsorship. It is making a difference and you are a shining example of an MTC Partner!

Sarah in BC old growth forest