Part of our mission in the Million Tree Challenge is to educate Londoners on the importance of trees, tree care, and tree planting. Whether you're planting your first tree or your hundredth tree, the following resources are here to help you through that process. The more we learn together, the more trees we can put in the ground!

Plant a Tree

Proper planning and planting techniques are some of the most important ways we can contribute to a tree’s survival. The following information can help ensure that trees are planted with the highest chances of success in their home.

Tree Care

There are a number of important ways we can help ensure our tree's survival. Proper usage of tree guards, using proper watering techniques, and applying mulch correctly will all benefit your tree's health.

Tree Species

Part of planting a tree is choosing the right species for your yard. Different trees thrive in different conditions, so making sure that you select the right species according to the amount of sun exposure, the soil type, and the soil moisture that your yard has is very important. For information on how to choose the right tree, click here

Invasive Species, Pests & Diseases

With the growing number of invasive species in London, it is important to be aware of the kind of trees you are planting. Invasive trees can take over the land and reduce the population of native trees. They can be quite harmful to our environment as well. 

Pests have become a problem in London and in the surrounding areas. They pose significant threats to our native trees, as they can spread quickly and do incredible amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Different pests include the Emerald ash borer, the Lymantria dispar dispar (formally known as the Gypsy Moth), and the Asian long-horned beetle. By identifying signs of these pests and knowing how to deal with them, we can help protect our most vulnerable trees.

There are a number of diseases that affect our native trees, including Oak Wilt and Maple Decline. Identifying signs of disease will help ensure the proper removal of these trees so the disease does not spread to neighbouring trees.

London's Urban Forest

As a community, we all have to come together to protect our environment for future generations. The City of London has a number of initiatives and by-laws to help retain our urban forest. Some of these initiatives and by-laws include the Tree Protection by-law, the Boulevard Tree Protection by-law, London's Climate Emergency Action Plan, and London's Urban Growth Strategy. It's up to us to keep our city healthy and to build back a better, greener city.