MTE Digs In For Trees

On a warm, sunny day last fall, a team of 30 eager volunteers from MTE Consultants came out to a small piece of parkland called Pibline Park in north London to add 106 new native trees to the landscape.

“The MTE team were so enthusiastic in ensuring the trees and shrubs were planted well that it made our volunteer and staff roles easy,” said Lily Vuong, Project Manager at ReForest London. “We're so grateful for organizations like MTE who are willing to contribute some time to help us add more trees to London, especially in a newly developed area that needs more greenery. Thank you for your great energy and conversations and we hope to see you back next year!”

Everyone worked together to get the trees in the ground and since there were many hands, it made light work with everything planted within an hour. The team also brought some refreshments and had some time to admire their work and ‘talk trees.’

“I truly enjoyed participating in the Million Tree Challenge,” said Danielle Venerus, Sustainability Intern at MTE Consultants Inc. “It was encouraging having so many people come out to volunteer! The work that ReForest London has done and continues to do is inspirational. I look forward to going back and visiting the park where we planted in the years to come.”


“It was really neat to take part in something that people will enjoy for generations to come!”
-Victoria Schveighardt, M.E.S., Biologist, MTE Consultants Inc.

“The planting day was well organized and the representatives from ReForest London were very helpful. I’m glad that they showed folks the correct way to plant trees.”
-Will Huys, R.P.F. in training, I.S.A. Certified Arborist, I.S.A. TRAQ,
Plant and Wildlife Technician and Arborist

It was great to see some of the neighbours of Pibline Park walk by and comment on how much they liked seeing all the new trees go in and how it would make their small neighbourhood park a nice place to be. Thank you MTE Consultants for your planting sponsorship, your amazing volunteers, and your support of a greener London for all!